Ms Jingyan (Cindy) Lin (2022)

I am currently a third-year medical student and has completed my research project with the Department of Surgery at Western Health under the supervision of A/Prof Justin Yeung and Ms Jo Yeung.

The past six months has been a phenomenal experience and an amazing introduction to clinical research for me. The entire team was extremely friendly and supportive. We had weekly or fortnightly meetings discussing the progress of the project, working collaboratively to solve any problems that arose, and I was frequently provided with constructive feedback. By having such attentive and caring supervisors, it made the whole MDRS journey extremely delightful and smooth.

My research project focused on the role of 3D printing in surgical anatomy education. I was supported not only by my supervisors, but also Western Health’s resources and library staffs. I also had the opportunities to present my research findings at the Colorectal unit meeting and the Kendall Francis Surgical Forum. The positive MDRS experience has inspired me to pursue further research within the Department of Surgery and continue expanding my research project.

Overall, I could not have asked for a better MDRS experience. Therefore, I would highly recommend all future students to consider completing their MDRS with the Department of Surgery at Western Health.