SCRIPT Trial: A Randomised Controlled Trial utilising a genomic test as an intervention providing personalised bowel cancer screening information

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The SCRIPT trial (Snp Cancer Risk Prediction Trial) is the world’s first randomised controlled trial (RCT) to test the implementation of a novel polygenic risk score to tailor colorectal cancer screening in primary care. It seeks to address several key implementation challenges of precision cancer screening.

Differences in people’s DNA can tell us about someone’s risk of bowel cancer, even if they do not have a family history of bowel cancer. The intervention in the SCRIPT trial includes a DNA test which provides them their personal risk of bowel cancer, along with recommendations for what type of bowel cancer screening is best for them. We will measure whether this personalised risk information and screening recommendation helps participants make better decisions about the most suitable form of bowel cancer screening for them.

The SCRIPT trial will test the following hypotheses:

1. That the SCRIPT intervention will increase risk-appropriate bowel cancer screening compared with generic information about cancer prevention after 12 months

2. That the SCRIPT intervention will increase accuracy of participants’ bowel cancer risk perception, and their intentions for risk-appropriate bowel cancer screening without an adverse increase in cancer-specific anxiety at 1, 6 and 12 months.


Herman Prof Jon Emery, Academic GP, University of Melbourne

Prof Mark Jenkins, Genetic Epidemiologist, University of Melbourne

Prof Finlay Macrae, Gastroenterologist, Melbourne Health & University of Melbourne

Dr Ingrid Winship, Clinical Geneticist, Melbourne Health & University of Melbourne

Dr. Sibel Saya, Research Fellow/ Trial Coordinator, University of Melbourne

A/Prof Daniel Buchanan, Genetic Pathologist, University of Melbourne

Dr. Panagiota Chondros, Statistician, University of Melbourne

Dr. Jennifer McIntosh, Academic Specialist, University of Melbourne

Ms. Shakira Milton, PhD Candidate, University of Melbourne

Ms. Jamie Jie Mei Liew, Research Support Officer, University of Melbourne

Ms. Rachel Brooks, Research Nurse, University of Melbourne

Mr. Matthew Thoenig, Research Officer, University of Melbourne


Dr. Fiona Walter, Investigator, University of Cambridge

Dr. Richard De Abreu Lourenco, Health Economist, University of Technology Sydney

Jane Tiller, Monash University

Dr Paul Lacaze, Research fellow, Monash University


This trial is funded by Cancer Australia.

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