Benefits and Obligations

Honorary Staff Member: Benefits and Obligations

Direct Individual Benefits

An Honorary Appointment formalises your relationship with the University.

As an Honorary Staff Member you will have access to many of the services and facilities the University offers to its staff.

Benefits include:

  • An honorary title
  • Be listed in the University’s “Find an Expert” database which provides a dynamic and reliable source of information about staff members’ research and scholarship
  • A University staff card
  • Access to many of the University's staff resources, including:
    • The electronic communication network, wireless networks across campus sites and IT systems.
    • The University's information facilities, including library resources (physical and online) and borrowing rights.
    • The University of Melbourne site licensed software and/or purchase licenses at an institutional discount (subject to the specific eligibility requirements).
    • Insurance provisions for honorary staff with the same level of cover as academic staff when undertaking activities directly related to your university appointment.
    • Eligibility for staff benefits/discounts/memberships for various services provided by the University.
  • Invitation to join the Paediatric Academy, participating and/or delivering associated programs and events (from 2022 onwards)

Broader Benefits

    Contribute to research excellence and be a part of the largest active research university in Australia and ranked among the leading research universities in the world.

    Contribute to learning and teaching by fostering excellence in innovative approaches and building capacity in educators.

    Obligations and Expectations

    Honorary Staff Members are not obliged to perform any specific work for the University, but are expected to contribute to the teaching and research or general betterment of the University through voluntary activities.

    For those of you on the Melbourne Children’s Campus, an additional opportunity for contribution will be through the upcoming Paediatric Academy.

    As an Honorary Staff Member you are obliged to:

    • comply with certain University statutes, regulations and policies whilst undertaking any activity in your capacity as an Honorary Staff Member of the University.
    • Participate in relevant reporting processes (e.g. publications data collection, Excellence in Research Australia (ERA), quality of teaching reviews), including an annual report of contributions and achievements during the period of honorary appointment.
    • Activate and monitor a University of Melbourne user and email account.
    • Acknowledge the University of Melbourne as their affiliated organisation on all their research outputs, in addition to their other professional affiliations.

    How to become an Honorary Staff Member

    If you are interested in applying, please refer to this Application Process webpage.