Ultrasound Education Group

Research Overview

The Ultrasound Education Group comprises of academics, including Professor Alistair Royse, (Cardiothoracic surgeon, Deputy Director of Surgery), Professor Colin Royse (Anaesthetist), Dr David Canty (Anaesthetist, Senior Lecturer) and Dr Lindsay Bridgford (Emergency Physician, Academic), who supervise higher research degree students, undergraduate medical students performing research projects, and post-graduate clinicians pursuing active research and education projects.

"The Melbourne Biomedical Precinct is made up of over 40 hospitals, research, teaching and biotechnology organisations largely collocated to the north of Melbourne’s CBD in the area extending from East Melbourne, Carlton and North Melbourne to Parkville in the north." - credit: MelbourneBioMed

Research themes include a wide range of ultrasound including transoesophageal echocardiography for cardiac surgery, clinical point of care diagnostic ultrasound of heart, lungs, abdomen, vascular, invasive procedures, and new techniques. Other active areas of research include cardiac surgery, cardiothoracic anaesthesia, postoperative quality of recovery in all types of surgery, and medical education.

In 2015 the unit was successful in obtaining the largest NHMRC grant awarded to a department from The University of Melbourne, which was for The International Multi-centre Randomised Trial on Transfusion Triggers in Cardiac Surgery, led from Ontario, Canada.  In 2019 and 2020 there were successful Canadian and Australian grants for the TRICS-IV study, focusing on younger patients.

UEG develop and administer graduate courses in clinical ultrasound at a certificate, diploma or master’s level, which is well subscribed both within Australia and Internationally. The courses are unique in that they are very efficient, implementing a state-of-the-art on-line interactive eLearning software and platforms for both educational delivery as well as student enrolment, tracking and engagement.

In 2011, UEG received the Teaching Award for Excellence in Program Development with the Postgraduate courses in clinical ultrasound. Recently, the group has acquired high fidelity simulator equipment and set up a simulator education laboratory and education program, which is led by Dr David Canty, The Director of Simulation. A number of courses have been set up, which have been very successful amongst medical specialists, trainees and residents and are likely to change the way that practical ultrasound skills are learned. Details of the courses and workshops can be found at

Ultrasound Education Group Courses


Academic Staff

    • Dr David Canty, Senior Lecturer and Director of Simulation, Ultrasound Education Group
    • Dr Lindsay Bridgford, Director of Clinical Ultrasound, Ultrasound Education Group
    • Dr Doa El-Ansary, Honorary, Ultrasound Education Group
    • Dr Andrea Bowyer, Honorary, Anaesthetist

Education Professional Staff

    • Justine Robbins, General Manager
    • Elizabeth Hurley, Operations Manager
    • Nicholas Leong, Manager, Project Office
    • Indraneel Chavan, Manager,  IT
    • Michelle Fung, Salesforce Admin
    • Matthew White, Project Officer
    • Lacey Whelan, Graphic Designer

Research Staff

  • Lynda Tivendale, Research Nurse Coordinator
  • Zelda Williams, Research Nurse
  • Stuart Boggett, Research Assistant


Monash Health

  • Dr Martin Kim, Clinical Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Shashikanth Manikippa, Clinical Associate Professor


  • Professor Ahmed Alsaddique - Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Saudi Arabia
  • Professor Andrew Palmer - Head of Health Economics, Menzies Institute Tasmania
  • Professor Sam Newman - Neuropsychologist, London, UK
  • Dr Kyle Brooks - Intensivist
  • A/Prof Kavi Haji - Intensivist
  • Dr Darsim Haji - Emergency Physician
  • Dr Joe Power - Anaesthetist and Medical Perfusionist
  • Dr Kristine Wardle - Anaesthetist and Medical Perfusionist
  • Dr Jethro Dredge - Anaesthetist
  • A/Prof Alwin Chuan - Anaesthetist
  • Clinical Associate Professor Parm Naidoo, Director of Radiology, Dandenong Hospital, St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne
  • Dr Tim Haydon - Epworth Hospital
  • Tess Vawser - Simulation Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Western Health

  • Dr Yang Yang - Intensivist


Transfusion Triggers in Cardiac Surgery Australia TRICS-IV trial - Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) - $950,770

Canadian Institute of Health Research - CAN$861,000


ANZCA project grant $52,000 2016-2017

Royal Melbourne Hospital Foundation Equipment grants:
1.  2013 - $140,000 for an ultrasound simulator
2.  2015 - $43,000 for hand-held cardiac ultrasound machines
3.  2015 - $42,000 for vascular access simulator equipment

Research Outcomes

Prof Alistair Royse on Google Scholar and ResearchGate

Prof Colin Royse on ResearchGate

Dr David Canty on Google Scholar and ResearchGate

Dr Doa El-Ansary on ResearchGate

Research Publications

View Professor Colin Royse's latest PubMed publications here
View Professor Alistair Royse's latest PubMed publications here

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