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When discussing service options with a patient, some of the key considerations include:

  • the person’s preference for medical or surgical abortion;
  • out-of-pocket costs;
  • travel and care arrangements for the patient and their family members;
  • waiting times for accessing services;
  • anonymity and privacy.

The below are some options for finding suitable Victorian-based services for your patient.

  • 1800 My Options

    1800 My Options provides non-preferential and non-biased information and referral pathways to women seeking sexual and reproductive health services, including contraception, pregnancy options counselling, abortion and other sexual health services.

    Service providers can choose to be listed publicly on the website, or have their information stored privately on the 1800 My Options database (with details provided over the phoneline only).

    To find a suitable service, visit the website on call the phoneline.

    Phone: 1800 696 784

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    Register your service

  • Better Health Channel

    Better Health Channel provides information about medical and surgical abortion services in Victoria and guidance about how to access them, including contact details for some key services and organisations.

    Visit the website

  • Abortion Online - Telehealth

    Abortion Online provides professional medical tele-abortion services to women who can't easily access an abortion clinic, in the privacy of their own home. There are no rebates from Medicare for the tele-abortion consultations, but the cost of the medications, blood tests and ultra-sound tests are priced for Medicare card holders.

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