Abortion and Contraception

The following is a collection of published papers and articles related to abortion and contraception in Australia. To suggest additions for this listing please email : cersh-admin@unimelb.edu.au

  • Abortion Research
    Medical termination of pregnancy service delivery in the context of decentralization: social and structural influences

    A. Hulme, S. Clune, J. Tomnay. International Journal for Equity in Health (2018) 17:172

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    Medical termination of pregnancy in general practice in Australia: a descriptive-interpretive qualitative study

    A. Dawson, R. Nicolls, D. Bateson, A. Doab, J. Estoesta, A. Brassil and E. Sullivan. Reproductive Health (2017) 14:39

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    Towards comprehensive early abortion service delivery in high income countries: insights for improving universal access to abortion in Australia

    A. Dawson, D. Bateson, J. Estoesta and E. Sullivan. BMC Health Services Research (2016) 16:612

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    Abortion law across Australia – A review of nine jurisdictions

    C. de Costa, H. Douglas, J. Hamblin, P. Ramsay and M. Shircore. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 2015; 55: 105–111.

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    How do women seeking abortion choose between surgical and medical abortion? Perspectives from abortion service providers.

    D. Newton, C. Bayly, K. MCNamee, A. Hardiman, M. Bismark, A. Webster and L. Keogh

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  • Contraception Research
    Unintended pregnancies: Reducing rates by improving access to contraception

    Lucke J, Herbert D, Loxton D, Weisberg E. 40(11), Australian Family Physician 849

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    A review of barriers and myths preventing the more widespread use of intrauterine contraception in nulliparous women

    Black K, Lotke P, Buhling K. J, Zite N. B.

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    Current barriers and potential strategies to increase the use of long‐acting reversible contraception (LARC) to reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies in Australia: An expert roundtable discussion

    Mazza D., Bateson D., Frearson M., Goldstone P., Kovacs G., Baber R.

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  • SPHERE: Centre of Research Excellence

    SPHERE (NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Sexual and Reproductive Health for Women in Primary Care) has developed a research program that develops and tests strategies to improve the delivery of abortion, contraception, and preconception care services in primary care and explore women’s preferences to increase access and uptake.

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