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Be Proud of Your Choices 2023

Be Proud of Your Choices 2023, was launched in September to celebrate Sexual Health Month. The video content was promoted through social media channels and received over 27,000 views. Be Proud of Your Choices 2023 was developed with support from the Department of Health and the SHOUT network. The campaign's messaging and imagery was informed by input from young people. A special thanks goes to the young people involved, as well as YACVic Swan Hill, Indigo Shire Council and Alpine Shire Council, who helped to coordinate focus groups. Below you will find video content, social media tiles and printable posters, please feel free to download this content and share it over your own channels. We also have a limited number of professionally printed posters available, if you would like us to send you a poster please contact:

SHOUT Posters

Looking to download one of our SHOUT posters to display in your workplace? Click each link below to download a copy and insert your organisation specific information.