Information to Provide Patients

The links and resources provided here may be helpful for providing information to your patient about their unintended pregnancy options and contraception choices. There is also a section that provides helpful links to support women who may be experiencing violence or control. Further resources are also available in the Specific Population Groups section of this hub

Unintended Pregnancy Options and Decision Making

  • Pregnancy Options Discussion

    Most people experiencing unplanned pregnancy and abortion do not need specialised psychological support, and the majority of practitioners can hold “a pregnancy options discussion” with them. A person-centred conversation that offers unbiased information and a space where they are being listened to is often what is required to enable them to make decisions. Health practitioners are encouraged to discuss with their patients first; if ambiguity is present, a list of counselling options is available.

    Some community health services, women’s health services, and other primary care services have specialised sexual health nurses who offer pregnancy options counselling. Some GPs refer their patients with a mental health plan to a psychologist who may be specialised in unplanned pregnancy and abortion issues. A limited number of private psychologist exist who are specialised in this domain.

    If an interpreter or translator is required for the discussion, go to the section on Interpreter and Translation Services for links to providers or call the Australian Government Translation and Interpreting Service on 131 450.

  • Decision Making Guide

    The Royal Women's Hospital has a decision-making guide that takes a person-centred approach to pregnancy options. It's based on the belief that patients are experts in their own lives so they are the ones who should make the decisions about their pregnancy. (Source: The Royal Women's Hospital)

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  • Counselling Options in Victoria

    1800 My Options can provide information and referral pathways to services that provide non-directive pregnancy counselling. Use the link provided to access the 1800 My Options website. In the filter menu, click on "Other Services" and select "Counselling". Your search can be narrowed down by clicking on 'Type of Provider' and selecting 'Counsellor'. Please note that not all service providers are displayed on this site so it is worth calling 1800 My Options to obtain a full list of services in your area. Phone: 1800 696 784

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  • Better Health Channel

    The Better Health Channel provides basic guidance to using a professional counsellor when facing with unplanned pregnancy.

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Medical and Surgical Abortion

  • Myths and Facts about Abortion

    Better Health Channel provides accurate information that focuses on the safety, commonality and legality of abortion in Victorian public and private healthcare settings.

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  • Medical Abortion Information

    Better Health Channel provides information about the medical abortion procedure, including details about what to expect during and after the procedure, follow-up steps, advantages, disadvantages, possible side effects and complications.

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  • Surgical Abortion Information

    Better Health Channel provides information about the surgical abortion procedure, including what to expect after the procedure, possible complications, and follow-up steps.

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  • MS Health Patient Booklet

    This MS Health brochure gives patients guidance and advice for before and after taking the MS-2 Step medication.

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  • Contraception after Abortion

    Better Health Channel provides information about contraception after an abortion, including prevention of unintended pregnancy and the suitability of different contraceptive methods.

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  • Contraception Choices

    Better Health Channel provides a guide to help make the most suitable contraceptive choice, including information about hormonal methods and LARCs, barrier methods, emergency contraception, as well as permanent methods.

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  • 1800 My Options: Contraception Information

    1800 My Options provides information about contraception, including the types of contraception and clinical services available. The link provided will take you directly to the 1800 My Options website, where you can filter your search to find suitable services. Please note: this website does not list all providers so it is worth calling 1800 My Options to obtain a full list of services available in your area. Phone: 1800 696 784

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  • Family Planning Victoria: Contraception Fact Sheets

    Family Planning Victoria has a broad range of fact sheets on contraceptive methods and choices available to suit individual patient's needs.

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  • CEH: The Complete Multilingual Guide to Contraception in Australia

    The Centre for Health and Ethnicity (CEH) has released a multilingual contraception resource, available in several languages. It includes information about how pregnancy and contraceptives work, lists all contraceptive methods including long-acting reversible contraception, and contact details for where to get help.

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Violence, Control and Reproductive Coercion

  • Violence, Control, Contraception and Abortion

    Children by Choice provides information to women about violence and control in relation to unwanted and mistimed pregnancies, abortions, reproductive coercion, contraceptive options, and the woman's right to decide. This site prompts the woman to ask herself some key questions about her circumstances and wellbeing, and suggests ways to explore her options.

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  • Contraception Chart

    This is a contraception chart for patients whose contraceptive use is compromised due to violence. It includes key questions for consideration, and contraceptive options that are less detectable and cannot be tampered with, allowing a woman to choose safer and more appropriate methods that suit her needs. (Source: Children by Choice)

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  • Unplanned Pregnancy in Violent and Abusive Relationships

    The Royal Women's Hospital provides information and support for women experiencing unplanned pregnancy in violent and abusive relationships, including information about violence against women, reproductive coercion, decision-making, regaining control and links to support services.

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  • Better Health Channel - Family Violence Information

    Better Health Channel provides information about family violence, a checklist for family violence, and where to get help.

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  • Reproductive Abuse - Counselling

    1800RESPECT, is a national counselling service, includes information and support for people experiencing reproductive abuse. Telephone and online counselling is available.

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  • Domestic and Family Violence Referral Options

    The Domestic Violence Resource Centre (DVRCV) is a state-wide resource centre that works to prevent and respond to family violence, with a particular focus on men’s violence against women in intimate relationships. DVRCV Victoria lists services both statewide and in the regions.

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